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About Ridobiko Franchise

By becoming a Ridopreneur, a rental business or those new to the two-wheeler rental segment are offered to Visualize the bigger image of renting business and standardize their process with minimal cost.

Why Choose Ridobiko Franchise


Our aim is to offer seamless renting experience to the customers across the cities and grow business to 3x for our franchise partners


30+ branches PAN India

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Support Area

Marketing, Business setup, Operations, Tools & Technologies


Low Investment

Benefits of Ridobiko Franchise

  • Tech led automated process
    Paperless deal pickup and drop process where complete booking, pickup and drop process will be done through mobile app.
  • Verified customers
    Verify customer before pickup to minimize the risk of fraud.
  • Digital Marketing
    We help partners to grow in the digital world. Ridobiko partners are getting 80% business through Digital marketing / Campaigns.
  • Converted leads
    Ridobiko provides converted leads & business during both season and off-season.
  • Customer wallet
    Taking customer under confidence by processing deposit through application and customer can see his amount available in wallet in real time.
  • Track your business
    Real time tracking of your business through partner application and plan resources accordingly.

  • Inventory management
    Track vehicle documents, insurance expiry, pollution expiry etc. at a single place. No need to maintain excels.

  • Trust among customers
    In modern era, customers trust businesses those have online visibility and aligned with modern technology.

  • Stay ahead from market competition
    Adding value to your business and taking 1 step ahead from competitors.


  1. 150+ Sq. Ft.
  2. Well Ventilated with CCTV
  3. Preferably ground floor
  4. Facilities for the housing, maintenance
  5. and repair of his vehicles, sanitary block and reception room.
  6. Should have at least one telephone which is accessible throughout the day and night
  1. Must have the license valid for the period of 5 years from the date of grant and renewal.
  2. Have to maintain all the premises and records and register, keep the motor cycle open for inspection by the licensing authority.
  3. Display the license issued by the licensing authority in a prominent place of the office.
  1. Procurement of required fleet for rental based on the market rates (Number of vehicles* Market rates)
  2. Investment for minimum staff requirements and office space
  3. Amenities arrangement in office based on owner needs
  1. Verified customers
  2. Business during on season and off season (Converted leads)
  3. Online presence and trust among customers
  4. Track you business in real time
  5. Paid advertisements and social media presence
  6. Stay ahead from other rental business operators in the market