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Lake District

Naini lake is located in the center of Nainital. 

It is one of the most famous lakes in the Kumaon region. Kidney-shaped Naini Lake is divided into two distinct sections the northern part called Mallital and the Southern region called the Tallital. 

One can also visit the Naina Devi temple which is situated on the shores of the Naini lake. In Nainital's Mall Road there is a market which is the major shopping hub of the city, you can collect your souvenirs from there such as candles, handicrafts, woolen art facts, handlooms, and shawls. 

Can enjoy the boating on the lake which costs INR 150 per hour for a pedal boat. Boots brightly painted like gondolas cost INR 210 per hour, and the boat ride through the Nainital board club cost INR 350 per hour. If you are visiting Naini lake for boating, make sure to visit between 6 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 1 to 2 hours are enough to explore the Nainital lake including a boat ride. 


The leg is famous for booting, picnic, and for spending leisure time. The lake is surrounded by 7 charming beautiful pics namely Ayarpata, Deopata, Handi Bandi, Cheena peak, Alma, Laria Kanta, and Sher ka Danda. 


Snow View point in Nainital is the perfect place to enjoy perfect sightseeing. It offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas covered in a white snow blanket. Views of the famous Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Nanda Kot peaks are also available from the spot. A large pair of binoculars are installed at the Viewpoint to take close views of the astonishing surrounding. There is an aerial cable car that connects you to the snow View directly from the Mall Road of Mallital. There is a charge for one ropeway ticket of INR 80 for adults and INR 44 for children. And for two-way tickets, you will be charged INR 150 for adults and INR 75 for children. One can also enjoy the scenery from the windows of the cable car. You will not be charged anything extra for entering snow Viewpoint. Make sure to visit this spot between 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. snow View point remains closed on Saturday less than an hour is required to explore the spot. 


Nainital witnessed a sweet summer from March to June. The average temperature during summer in Nainital fluctuates between 11 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees celsius. Summer is considered the best time to visit Nainital if you are planning to have an outdoor trip. 

The weather during summer creates a pleasant environment that is comfortable for adventure activities. One can also enjoy some festivals like Phool Dei, which is celebrated by farmers to have a good crop year. You can see little kids decorating their homes with fresh flowers. They serve everyone, ceremonial pudding which is made of jaggery coconut and white flour. 

Summer is the peak season full of festivals, colors, and light which makes it the best time to visit Nainital. Because Nainital attracts the highest number of tourists to its reason during summer make sure to book your tickets or other accommodation services like hotels in advance. 


Nainital welcomes monsoon from July to September. The average temperature during this season ranges between zero degrees Celsius and 15 degrees celsius. Monsoon in Nainital makes a fresh and clean environment. It will be amazing if you enjoy the rain with a hot plate of steamed momos and some lips-smashing noodles available at every corner of the town. Adventure seekers can also participate in the Monsoon Mountain marathon which is held every year on the last Sunday of August. There is an entry fee of INR 1000 for participating. Don't forget to carry some salt to prevent leeches. 


Nainital feels frozen winter from October to February. The average temperature during winter varies from zero degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. Because it is tough there are very few tourists who plan to visit in winter. Still, if you have already planned to visit during vent Nainital's festival will make your trip full of fun and joy. One of the famous winter festivals of Nainital is Sharad Utsav, which is celebrated in October with the full cultural heritage, and cultural dance variety of food of Uttarakhand. Mahashivratri is also celebrated in February as the Chota Kailash fair. Before planning a trip in winter make sure you check all the available hotels and accommodation providers because winter is the season and hotels offer many discounts. 


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