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The Historical Town

Located on the banks of river Betwa in Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is a town, also known as a Historical Treasure. It is known for its Royal grand Palace and carved temples. 


Jehangir Mahal built by Bir Singh Deo offers a classic example of Mughal architecture. It is also known as Orchha Palace. The front wall of the palace is covered with turquoise tiles and it is large enough for the entry of war elephants. One can also have a visit to the Raj Mahal, which is known for its depicting religious themes, and The Rai Parveen Mahal, which was dedicated to the poetess and musicians. 


One can visit Raja Mahal to witness the old royal arts of the golden era of history. People who are art enthusiastic can take a tour of Raja Mahal, it will not disappoint you. 


One can enjoy the adventure of rafting and boating on the river Betwa. One can collect tickets from the Betwa retreat or at the hotel Sheesh Mahal. The boating will cost you INR 1000 per hour. 


The bank of Betwa River has a collection of monuments, and one of them is Chatteris, the Cenotaphs. It is a set of astonishing royal tombs of the kings of Orchha. To get the best view of Chatteris one should get a view from the narrow bridge which is on the opposite side of the river. From that spot, one can get an entire panorama view of the Tombs. 


Rani Mahal (the queen's palace) is another Palace that offers a royal old era charm. The Last occupant of Rani Mahal was Rani Lakshmi Bai, which is now converted into a museum. The Mahal is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the walls of the entire Palace are decorated with stonework. The inside look of the Mahal holds illustrations and morals of holy epics of Hinduism like Ramayana. Before visiting Rani Mahal make sure you carry a water bottle with you because there is a lack of water supply. There is no entry charge, one needs to visit between 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to enter the Rani Mahal which is now a museum. 122 hours are enough to explore the entire museum.


The history of Raja Ram Temple is superb. Earlier the temple was a palace. Raja Madhukar Shah saw a dream of Lord Ram that he bought an idol and placed it in the palace...

Rest of the story you should listen to the local people, who give every single detail of the history. 

You can also explore Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha, which is known to be the original destination of the idol of Lord Ram. 

The Laxminarayan Temple is a smooth blend of temple and fort architecture. The temple is based on social and secular themes. 


Finally, the part of the journey when we collect souvenirs for ourselves and loved ones. But it will be a little disappointing because Orchha doesn't have a proper large market where you can find a variety of things as compared to other destinations. But still, you will find stuff for souvenirs like handicrafts, beaded chains, gemstones, etc. One can get these things in the little shops settled near famous attractions or tourist spots of Orchha. 


Orchha welcomes summer from April to June. Orchha witnesses extreme hot and humid weather. The temperature during summer goes up to 50 degrees Celsius and it ranges between 23 degrees Celsius to 47 degrees Celsius. The summer season is not recommended if you want to visit Orchha. 


Orchha welcomes monsoon from July to September. It is considered a relief period for the people of Orchha. After an extreme heat period, the monsoon brings freshness to the environment. 


From October to March Orchha witnessed winter. The temperature during winter ranges from 9 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. It is advised to visit Usha in the winter season, you will find these surroundings cool and pleasant, and it is a very favorable climate.


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