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Yoga Capital of the World

The road distance between Delhi to Rishikesh is about 242 km, which will take 5 hours to cover the route. Located foothills of the Himalayas near the majestic Ganga and Chandrabhaga River are known for adventure sports and pilgrimage. 


The bridge across the River Ganga known as Laxman jhula connects two villages. The hanging bridge is made up of iron that offers a picturesque view. Though because of safety precautions, visitors are not allowed to cross the river through Laxman jhula. However, a new Bridge Ram Jhula is constructed just near the Laxman jhula to fulfill the requirement of travelers, there also it is only used by pedestrians, and vehicles are not allowed.


Rishikesh is considered one of the best spots for water rafting. One can connect with top professional rafting guides. Customizing packages are also available there. Rafting has 5 parameters through that one can choose the level they want to try. The cost for rafting goes from INR 450 to INR 1800 per person depending upon the package and parameters. 


One can also enjoy cliff jumping. There are many stops near the River for cliff jumping. You can experience the adventure before or after rafting also. 

One can choose to visit Kaudiyala for Rock climbing. It is considered the best Rock climbing spot in Rishikesh. It is 380 m high, surrounded by dense forests, which offer heavenliness vibes. River rafting is also available in Kaudiyala. 

Rishikesh offers a collection of adventure sports, and another is Flying Fox, which allows viewing the majestic view of the Mountain Himalayas and River Ganga. 


Rishikesh's tour is incomplete without witnessing the great Arti near the bank of the river Ganga. The art is performed for the God of fire 'Agni Devta' daily in the evening from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm based on the sunset time. Arti is performed in most of the ghats but the popular ghats are Parmath Niketan Ghat and Triveni Ghat, where several visitors gather to be part of the Great aarti. One can get the real vibe of Rishikesh during these moments. 


One can fulfill their dream of camping in Rishikesh. You can have a great opportunity to take a temporary Yoga class. The Yoga capital of the world conducts classes in Himalayan Yog Ashram, from where you can experience the power of yoga. 


 May to June is considered the least suggested time to visit Rishikesh because the temperature during these months gets extremely high and the humidity is unbearable which disturbs sightseeing.  But one can visit during early summer. In the first week of March, Rishikesh organizes Yoga Festival. 


Winters (from October to February) are considered the best time to visit Rishikesh. The temperature during these months ranges between 20° Celsius and 6° Celsius, which makes the weather pleasant, and also it is the best time to participate in adventure sports. 


Rishikesh conducts various festivals during the monsoon season. From July to September Rishikesh witnessed rainfall. Because of the festival season 'Savan', one can find a rush during this period. These months are ideal to visit for religious motives or to explore the culture and festivals, but if you choose to go for adventure sports then these months are highly not recommended. Many adventure sports like rafting remain closed during these seasons even trekking or hiking is also risky, sometimes heavy rainfall causes land sliding, road blockage, and so on. 


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