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The Golden Triangle

From the top major ruling Kingdom to the symbol of love in Agra and eventually ending with haveli's of Jaipur. 6 to 8 days are enough to cover the entire stint of the golden triangle. 


 One of the most popular lodestones of India positioned in Delhi the Red Fort also appertained to as Lal Quila offers you to explore numerous in numerous histories. The Fort has numerous other Mahal constructed inside it. You can collect your monuments from inside the Fort. Excursionists are allowed to visit the fort between 700a.m. to 500p.m. the fort on Sundays remains unrestricted. There's an entry charge of INR 10 for Indian citizens and INR 250 for nonnatives, there are no freights for children below the age of 15 times. 


 Located along the Rajpath in New Delhi, India Gate, the India war memorial is positioned. It's also notorious for hosting the democracy day cortege every time. It has come one of the most popular easy street spots in the City. There's no time limit to visiting India gate as well as no entry figure for Indian and foreign excursionists also. 



Situated opposite the Red Fort, Chandni chowk is the perfect destination to shop for souvenirs and your loved one. The market offers you a wide range of jewelry, perfume, traditional as well as fashionable attire, electronic items, lifestyle goods, home decor, and so on. The market also offers you delicious foods, whose taste you are going to remember for a lifetime. Remember the market on Mondays remains closed. 


 Taj Mahal is one wonder of the seven prodigies of the world. The symbol of love requires approx 2 hours to explore. The Mahal does not only attract you by its Persian armature but also the Museum inside it, which showcases numerous Mughal antique articles. The Mahal opens 30 minutes before daylight and closes 30 minutes after sunsets. But on Friday only Muslims are allowed to enter for afternoon prayer. There's an entry figure of INR 50 for Indian excursionists and INR 1100 for foreign excursionists. If someone wishes to visit the gallery also there will be a redundant charge of INR 200. Children below 15 times are allowed without any charge. The ideal time to visit the Taj Mahal is during daylight and you can also escape from the crowd. 


The Agra Fort is also appertained to as The Red Fort of Agra located 2.5 kilometers from Taj Mahal, near the bank of Yamuna. This is another perfect illustration of Mughal armature. One can enjoy the mind-blowing sightseeing of armatures like Jehangir Mahal, Khas Mahal, Musamman Burj, Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-I-Khaas, Diwan-E-Am, Nagina Masjid, and Moti Masjid. The stronghold welcomes excursionists after daylight and before evening. The entry charge for Indian excursionists is INR 40 and for foreign excursionists, it's 550, there are no charges for children below 15 times. 


 The most popular corner of Jaipur is none other than Hawa Mahal. Excursionists are allowed to visit from 900 am to 430 pm; every day. But it's advised to visit in the morning, it'll offer you to witness the astonishing golden gleam of the Mahal. The entry figure for Indians is INR 50 and for foreign excursionists, it's INR 200. 



 Jantar Mantar, positioned in Kanwar Nagar is an entire ancient world of astronomy. The place is grounded on the conception of how ancient people used to determine time with the help of timekeepers and other astronomical effects like discovering the pole star and other elysian bodies. This place offers a fully different and intriguing experience. Jantar Mantar's visiting hours are between 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. There's an entry figure of INR 50 for Indian excursionists and foreign excursionists, it's INR 200. 


The distance from Delhi to Agra to Jaipur and again back to Delhi with a proper tour is around 1000 kilometers. Ridobiko Solution Private Limited provides you with the facility to cover all the routes on your own. For renting a bike you just need to visit the official website or you can contact us at 9971770131. The transaction will be 100% secure and you can even earn points on each of your successful transactions.


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