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Trip to the beach

The distance from Kolkata to Digha is 183 Km, which will take approx 5 hours or sometimes more to reach the destination. 

Digha beach is flat and it is one of the widest beaches in the world. The scene is very picturesque. One of the attractions of West Bengal. Tourists visit Digha to enjoy the stunning sunset which is only available in Digha in the entire West Bengal. 



One can start the journey by 3 modes of transport, by air, by road or by train.

All these 3 ways are hassle-free. 

Talking about air the nearest airport from Digha is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose international airport, which is in Kolkata. Tourists and visitors from other states or countries may use this way to reach Kolkata first. 

From here tourists have 2 options, that is by road or by Train. 

From Howrah Railway station, 3 trains run daily that is Tamralipata express, Duranto express, and khandari express. Sometimes because of rush and high demand during festivals or holidays, special trains are also announced. The nearest railway station from Digha is Digha Terminal Railway station, which is near the beach. 


The next and the last option are by road.

This route depends on you whether you want to go by shared vehicles or by personal or hired one.

Under public transport, the bus is considered the cheapest way to visit Digha. It will take about 4 hours to drop you at the destination. You can find more than 80 direct buses from Kolkata to Digha. Charges are Rs.100 onwards. 


Before visiting Digha, Mandarmani and shankarpur will come your way. Right before 15-20 minutes, Mandarmani Beach and Shankarpur beach are also pleasant and less crowded than Digha beach, because of the less popularity of the place and these beaches are not in proper cities. This whole place is a village-like area but still, you will get all accommodation facilities. 

People who want to escape from the crowd can visit Mandarmani Beach and Shankarpur beach also. Here you will witness people fishing, which is a basic occupation of the local village people. 


You can also visit the Marine aquarium regional center, which is about 4-5 minutes away from Digha beach by two-wheeler. It will take 20 minutes if you choose to go on foot. The distance between Digha beach and the Marine Aquarium is 1.5 Km. The visiting hour of the aquarium is between 10 AM to 6 PM every day. There is no entry fee. You can explore the entire aquarium free of cost. You will find a variety of water animals like jellyfish, lionfish, starfish, sea snakes, seahorses, and so on. The only thing that is going to hurt you is that photography is prohibited inside the aquarium. But still, you can see those for free, what needs more!?


If you have enough time you can also visit Cashew garden, which is also 4-5 minutes from Digha beach by two-wheelers. The proper distance is 1.6 Km. 


During summers from March to June humidity is at its peak. You will not be able to enjoy the open beach properly because of the hot and humid weather. But there is a plus point also because of this reason very few tourists visit the beach, which is an alternate way to escape from the crowd. You can also enjoy the off-season discount during these months.


October to February is the peak season.  Most of the tourists prefer to visit during this period. One not only enjoys the pleasant sunny beach day but also enjoys the World famous festival of Durga Puja. You will not be able to avail any kind of offer during these periods because of high demand. 


From July to September there is predictable rain with high humidity. Sometimes visiting the beach gets restricted because of high tides. But you can enjoy discounts on hotels and other accommodation facilities because of low demand. 


The whole journey from Kolkata to Digha will definitely include roadways. Not only for visiting the place but also to explore nearby attractions. And it's better to have your vehicle rather than to roam here and there. Ridobiko solution private limited provides you with the facilities to rent a bike. There are a few simple processes, you just need to visit the official website of Ridobiko or you can contact them at 9971770131 this number. The transaction is fully secured. There is also an easy cancellation process. You can even earn points on each of your successful transactions. Complete your secure and happy journey with Ridobiko.

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