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Feel the breeze in Andaman

Famous for its White-sand beach, mangroves, and tropical rainforests, Andaman, also known as India's best nesting beach is one of the favorite places for tourists. The white-sand beach characterized by blue water is the main attraction and reason for visiting Andaman. The photoholic view and the Greenery all around will not fail to impress you. It is an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The island consists of a lot of attractions. The place is most liked by nature lovers, as the island is surrounded by the ocean it offers different beaches from different directions on the earth. 

Before visiting Andaman one should have the proper idea of the beaches and select the kind of beach that offers you your choice.  Tourists visit Andaman to enjoy scuba diving, swimming, stargazing, nature or to know about the history of the place.

Did you know, Radhanagar Beach is one of the best beaches in Asia. The sand beach goes as far as you can see. The beach is bounded by a jungle. 

But if you wanna go there for water sports and scuba diving then some other beaches will offer you the best fields like Vijaynagar Beach or Kala Pathar Beach and Corbyn's Cove which is the nearest beach to Port Blair.

In Neil Island,  40 kilometers northeast of Port Blair, you can witness the Interstellar moment of stargazing. Tourists spend the whole night there to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the reflection of twinkling stars in the sea.


In Havelock and Port Blair, one can get a mesmerizing experience of kayaking. This place is famous for its bioluminescence tours through mangroves, lagoons, and more.


Laxmanpur beach offers you an amazing view of the sunset. One can enjoy the view by sitting on the shore. Before visiting the shore make sure you visit 15 minutes before sunset. 

In Wandoor Beach, tourists come to enjoy boating. If you like adventures you can take a boat for an island trip. 

You can also visit nearby museums like Samudrika Marine Museum, Anthropological Museum, and Kala Pani Museum.

Samudrika Marine Museum will offer you a variety of sea animals, water plants, and a lot of marine knowledge. Kala Pani museum is based on the struggle of Indian freedom fighters it was a symbol of colonial oppression where the Indian freedom fighters and political activities were used to be imprisoned and later it became a museum. Tourists visit there to pay homage to the Indian freedom fighters. 


Food of Andaman is Famous for its barbeque dishes. Freshly caught fish from the sea are cooked and served. Tourists love the taste and spice of food.


Andaman Island is a tropical reason and because of it, the island doesn't witness the winter season. So, the place has two seasons of summer and the monsoon from October to May is the best time to visit Andaman from July to September. Andaman welcomes the monsoon because of high tidal waves and strong wind, they don't allow tourists to visit the island.

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