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Top five places to visit in the month of August


After a long and tiring six months, it is obvious to want a vacation. August can be a great time for your vacation because it is in mid of the year and taking a vacation this month means getting rest from the previous six months and getting fresh and all charged for the next available months. Now, the question pops up: what are the most visited places in August? Or what are the top places that should not be missed out in the month of August? We have prepared a list for you which will answer all of your questions.



The first place that you can go if you haven’t yet is Munnar. It is also known as ‘God’s own place’. This name is a perfect fit for this place because it seems that this place was personally designed by God. You will witness how the hills and greenery gives this trip an aesthetic texture. Munnar is a hill station filled with many eye-catching views and amazing culture. This place will make you feel relaxed and fill you with positive energy. It is a great place to visit in the month of August because when the rain pours it becomes pure bliss and looks like nothing but little heaven on the earth. 



Goa has always been a part of everyone’s bucket list. A lot of you want to visit this place with your partner, friends or family and the best time is in August. Goa is an amazing place and has beautiful beaches. Once you reach the Goa region you could feel the free winds and the deep oceans cheering you up. It will be a soothing experience and you can feel the excitement and peace in your heart. This is the perfect place to witness the calmness of the ocean amidst all the chaos. Goa is also divided into two parts north goa and south goa. North Goa is the life of night parties, filled with beaches and clubs or hubs. Whereas south goa is more likely luxurious and to sit back and enjoy the beauty of beaches. 




Lonavla is the most visited place in Maharashtra. It is a place that should be visited in monsoon because its beauty enhances and will make you fall in love with this. Its scintillating beauty is so mesmerizing that even locals from Maharashtra keep coming back to this place. This place is totally surrounded by eye feasting flora and fauna. Its mesmerizing mountains covered in cotton like clouds is enough to make your heart melt. Lonavala is famous for its hard candy known as ‘chikki’. It is made up of various nuts mixed with jaggery. It is very famous and lovable among people living there. 


Mount Abu:

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Filled with lush greenery around and the cool atmosphere makes it the centre of attraction. Dilwara temples are the main eye catching infrastructure. It is really fascinating that these temples were built approximately two centuries ago. Apart from these there are different lakes where you can spend some time. Other places like honeymoon point, sunset point, etc, are other options where you can spend your time and observe mother nature.



Mussoorie is one the most visited places of Dehradun. Located 35 kms from Dehradun. It is a hill station with eye-catching scenery and views. This place will make you relax instantly and you will feel the joy again. This place will welcome you with open hands. Mountains, valleys, rivers are so mesmerizing that you will feel lost and you will even want to be found out. You will experience a vibe like never before. It is a great place that should be visited at any cost.




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