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Top 5 places to visit near Kolkata


Kolkata is known as the ‘city of joy’ for a reason. This place is very rich in every essence, whether it is about artistry, culture or just the natural vibe. Kolkata also contributes a lot in India’s capital. But there are still so many places near kolkata that are worth exploring too. If you are determined to discover new ends of the world. Then why not start today? Let’s point down some of the places that you should explore.



Digha is one of the best places to spend your weekend. You can plan this trip with your family or friends. Digha is a place situated in South West of Kolkata. It has beaches and they have a different culture from what you will witness in Kolkata.  The beaches are decorated with beautiful palm trees. The mesmerizing view of sunrise or sunset will make you feel alive more than ever. You also get to try watersports here. They have amazing, adventurous and fun water rides. It is one of the finest places near Kolkata to explore.



Mandarmani is a seaside resort located in the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. This is again a great place to explore if you want to know and understand other places near Kolkata. A lot of tourists come and are attracted towards this place instantly. Beaches here are so clean and maintained gracefully. Beaches are filled with people, snacks, coconut water, etc. The atmosphere near the beach is very friendly and loving. You can enjoy this place while watching a beautiful sunset.



Bardhaman is a city of West Bengal. Over the years it has captured a lot of eyes. Bardhaman is famous or is a center of attraction because of its history. It was the district capital during the British rule. And that’s why when you visit this place you will find great monuments and very  finely carved infrastructures. Pancha Ratna Laxmi Janardhana Temple, RamnaBagan, Science Centre are some of the places that you will want to explore. Travellers who hold interest in history and want to know things more clearly. This is the best place to start.



Sundarbans is one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. It is also a biosphere reserve and a tiger reserve. It is almost 110kms from kolkata. People come here for its greenery, to witness different types of reptiles and birds. You will feel peace and a nice aroma around you which will definitely make you feel more energetic and more connected towards nature. Sundarban is a great place to visit in winters, it makes a great environment and you can enjoy more.



Bishnupur is a town located in Bankura district of West Bengal. It is famous for its pottery items made up of terracotta. Bishnupur is filled with talented artists and craftsmanship. Bishnupur is also a hub of temples and ancient infrastructures. Jorbangla Temple, Radhe Govind Temple are some of the finest attractions. Temples and different structures are wonderfully designed and beautifully carved. 


West Bengal is a hub of talent and great opportunities. Explore it and you will not be disappointed. 


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