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Shimla to Manali

Isn’t it always exciting to explore new ends of the world? Doesn’t this fascinate you and you want to leave everything aside and travel? Well, here we have something for you that will make you feel alive and more relaxed than ever. A trip from Shimla to Manali is something that will heal your soul. And you can also go back to your work and worries with an ambition and a new hope in your heart.


Safety measures to carry while on a trip

It is important to carry essential things while on a trip. You never know when and how you are going to need them. Precaution is better than care.

  • First aid kit: always carry a first aid kit. Medicines recommended from doctors or a thermometer. All these are very important because you don’t know when you are going to need them.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks: in a time like this it is important to carry these mandatory items. It is not only required in this pandemic but also because it plays a major role in maintaining hygiene. 
  • Important documents: don’t forget to carry important documents like vehicle papers or an identity card. Forgetting them can get you in a lot of unwanted problems.

Road trip begins

Shimla to Manali is a long trip and therefore exhausting. It takes you almost 7-8 hours to reach your destination. Start your day with energy and a cup of tea. You can take your homemade snacks for the trip if you want to or if you have access to it. Even if not, it’s not a big deal as you are going to find so many roadside stalls and dhabas on your way. You are going to look out of your window and will be mesmerized by the view. The feeling is something very different when you are in valleys and mountains. You can literally feel clouds passing through you and filling you with nothing but joy. The greenery, views and everything are so utterly beautiful that it is really hard for you to not fall in love. You will be amazed by how beautiful and how fascinating our mother nature can be. 

Once you reach Manali you will be lost in its beauty. This place is a perfect blend of calmness and chaos. The nature, the weather makes it calm and peaceful but on the nights its people and tourists and the markets makes it more beautiful. Manali has become a tourist place over the year and so you can find various hotels for your comfortable stay. Hotels like Welcome Heritage, Broadways Inn, Windflower, etc, are some of the best and comfortable hotels you can think for. They all provide spacious rooms and comfortable stay. And also equipped with free wifi, private parking lots and a restaurant. You will definitely get pure Manali vibes and can enjoy your view while staying in a hotel.


Foods to grab in Manali

Let’s talk about food that you should try at every cost. It’s kind of hard to find food according to your taste but the classic delicacies of Leh will not disappoint you.

  • Thukpa: how can one not about this dish? It is one of the most demanded and oldest foods of Leh. It tastes so good that you cannot keep your hands to yourself. 
  • Momos: you will miss out on a big time if you don’t try momos here. Momos are served with a spicy chutney which basically is the life of this dish.
  • Kothes: these are another variety of momos. These are half fried and also served with hot red chutney.


Shimla to Manali is one of the best trips you can ever plan. It will refresh you and will make you fall in love with itself. 


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