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Set among the valleys of nature, Uttarakhand stands out. Ever wondered how it feels to be welcomed by open arms of nature? Uttarakhand is known as ‘Devabhumi’ because there are so many Hindu Temples and pilgrimage centres. Uttarakhand is a perfect combination of mountains, flora and fauna and every miracle of nature. It’s an aesthetic view and aroma will cast its spell and make you fall in love. This place is worth your time and not only because of its view and food but because of its people. They make this place more beautiful and enjoyable. They are always eager to help and are great when you meet them personally.

Safety measures to take while on a road trip

Even though Uttarakhand is a safe and fun place but it can again, be turned around if you forget some of these things:

  • Hand sanitizers and masks: carrying hand sanitizers and masks not only prepare you for a healthy and safe trip but also it makes you more hygienic. You can also motivate others to carry these because in a time like these your safety should not be compromised.
  • Dry snacks: always recommended to carry dry snacks. You never know when you are going to find a place where you can eat or if that place is according to your preference or not.
  • Drinking water: you seriously cannot compromise carrying drinking water. Especially when you are on a road trip you cannot be confirmed about the casualties coming ahead.

Virtual tour of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a place you don’t want to miss. We are listing some of the important places that are breathtaking and should not be missed. Even though Uttarakhand is utterly beautiful and there is not a single bit that should be missed but to make it easier for you we have tried covering some of its parts.




Defining the beauty of Mussoorie is a very hard task. You can’t bind its beauty in just a few words or pages. It is an average altitude of 2,005 metres and is totally a treat for your eyes and soul. Over time Mussoorie has turned into a tourist spot and it is definitely worth it. The way the fog and the pink sky will mold you in its beauty and will help you relax will be very surprising. This hill station is worth spending your days and Jharipani Castle or Hotel Sungrace are among some of these places you can stay in. They provide great comfort and view. They also provide facilities like free wifi, private parking lots etc. 


Abbott mount

This is a dwarf hill station which is enchantingly beautiful. This place is abode of hills and is not like a regular tourist spot. It has limited facilities and has been able to maintain its beauty. This place is for all wanderlusts who are adventurous. This place has rusty European bungalows and also has a lovely church which is pure bliss. This place stands out because of its peace and you can actually feel the wind blowing.

There are so many places that are breathtaking and cannot be missed like Kausani, Lansdowne, Nag tibba, Mukteshwar, Auli, etc. These are the essence of Uttarakhand and play a major role in its beauty.   

Foods to grab

Food that is ‘must try’ for this trip:

  • Kafuli: it is prepared with green spinach and is generally served with steamed rice. This food is very nutritious and is great for diet conscious people. 
  • Gharwal ka Fannah: this is one of the most prescribed foods in Uttarakhand. This food is known for its taste and aroma and will leave you wanting more.
  • Kandalee ka Saag: this is prepared like any other dish of Uttarakhand but ‘bichu ghas’ is what makes this different. This is again very nutritious and great for your stomach.


 ‘Don’t listen to what they say, go see’ is a Chinese proverb. And this is what applies in this case. Uttarakhand is meant to be explored and you definitely need a tour of this place. 


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