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Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley is one of the safest and most peaceful trips ever. You can easily take some time and visit this place. It will be one of your finest decisions ever. You will witness how nature unfolds itself when it is not harmed by anyone. The place is really clean and the roads are really well managed. Before we head further let’s note down some of the important things that we often forget.

Safety measures to carry around
There are often very silly but important things that we always forget. Things that we might regret later if we don't have them along with us. Some of the vital things that we are supposed to forget.
Safety measure kits: always carry around safety kits. Medical kits and emergency kits for bikes or cars are must. You should always carry around safety kits while on a road trip.
Dry snacks: try to carry dry snacks like packed biscuits, maggi or other ready to eat foods. You don’t know when and where you are going to find a shop so it’s better to carry around some food.
Drinking water: carrying water may sound silly but it is one of the most vital essentials. You can need water for various reasons, you wouldn't want to miss out on this one.

Road trip begins

It takes almost three and a half hours to reach Araku Valley from Visakhapatnam. It’s not a long journey and is so beautiful that it will sweep you off of your feet. You can start your journey at around seven o'clock with a refreshment drink. Once you start your journey you will notice how greenery and valleys are worth your time and concern.

The views are so captive and beautiful that you will be lost and will not even feel exhausted. Araku Valley has been converted into a tourist place over the years so it has got some nice places where you can stay peacefully. Hotels like Holiday Resort, Ushodaya Resort, Hill Trekking, etc, are some of the best hotels. They provide great comfort and are spacious. They are also equipped with free wifi, private parking lots and restaurants. Some of them also include other luxurious things like swimming pools, gardens, etc. If you are planning a trip here then you need at least one or two days to explore thoroughly.

Foods to try in Araku Valley:

Food is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while you are exploring somewhere. So, let’s discuss about the food of Akura Valley:
Bamboo Chicken: it is one of the most demanded tribal foods. Chicken cooked in bamboo with adding spices and different ingredients gives it a very good vibe. It also tastes amazing but decide this for yourself.
● You can also find different cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Chinese,

It is really a great trip to spend your weekends with your family or friends. Don’t think
twice just go and explore!


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