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Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa can be a great place to spend your weekends. Mesmerizing views and captive scenery will make you infatuated with them. They say ‘to travel is to live’ is what resembles this trip. This trip will make you alive more than ever. It is a great place to spend some time with your friends, family, partner or even solo. Before we head further let’s talk about some essential stuff that we often forget.

Safety measures to carry around
Some things that we keep forgetting but are very vital for us:

Portable charger: carrying around a portable charger is going to be a blessing believe me. Running out of the phone’s battery in the middle of the journey is not something you want to experience.
Person music playeral: having your music player can prove beneficial many times. It’s not common for two people to have the same taste in music.
Important documents: do not forget to carry important documents of your vehicle or personal documents. It can get you out of trouble anytime and if you forget one you may have to face some unwanted consequences.

Road trip begins

There are different routes to reach Goa from Mumbai. One of the safest routes you can take is through NH 4. This route takes almost 10 and a half hours to reach your destination. This route may take a little bit longer than other routes but people who suffer from motion sickness prefer this route due to its plain and smooth roads. Start your journey early with a hot cup of tea for refreshment because it’s going to be a long journey ahead. It’s better to carry your homemade food or snacks because you will not find any good restaurant to have a bite. But you will find some roadside stalls or dhabas where you can grab a quick bite.

Once you reach the Goa region you could feel the free winds and the deep oceans cheering you up. It will be a soothing experience between silent beaches and chaotic markets. Goa jams can get trickier so it is better to have a two-wheeler, which you can find easily on rent. Vivanta Goa Panaji is one of the luxurious hotels in which you could have the best experiences. Other budget friendly hotels like Bhagwati hotel, Blue Corner Beach Huts, etc are other exotic places where you can stay and enjoy the view from your room. All these hotels provide free wifi, spacious rooms and private parking lots.

You will not regret staying and spending your time in Goa. One of the best trips one can ever plan is definitely Mumbai to Goa.

Foods to grab in Goa:
Goa has always been known for its beautiful climate and that’s what makes its food more special. Some of them are:

Shark Ambot Tik: this dish is just like any other fish curry with rice. They add Kashmiri mirch for color and for a different flavour.
Chicken Xacuti: this dish is Portuguese influenced food. Made with differen spices, coconuts, chillies etc. It is very famous among locals and holds a great place in everyone’s heart.
Patelo: it is a sweet dish consumed with tea. A filling of coconut, goan jaggery is made and stuffed in the leaves which are steamed for 10-20 minutes. Mumbai to Goa will be an amazing trip. It has so many amazing adventures that are yet to unfold. Go explore it and share your experiences with us.


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