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Manali to Leh

Planning a trip to heal your soul? Wondering where to begin and how to have peace for a week? How does it feel to be relaxed in between all the chaos? Don’t worry we have got you all covered. The best solution you can think of for all these questions is a trip from Manali to Leh. Such a mesmerizing and soothing place. It will hold you with open arms and you will melt in its beauty. Before heading further let’s acknowledge all the important things to take while on a trip.

Important things to take while on a road trip

Some important things that people tend to forget in the excitement of their trip. You should always carry these things with you because only you are at your own rescue.

● First aid kid: first thing first, it is always better to be on a safe side. Precaution is better than cure. Always carry a medication kit while on a trip because you never know what can make you ill. It may be the food or the weather or even the journey itself. Carry a thermometer and some important medicines that may be prescribed to you.
● Portable charger: you cannot trust your phone’s battery backup while on a trip. And your phone running out of charge can literally be a nightmare. Also, if you are carrying cable charges try replacing it with power banks because you don’t know when you are going to find a switchboard.
Portable music player: of course, you have your phone or your vehicle contains a music player, it is still important to carry a portable music player around. Also, you can’t expect other people to have the same music taste as you.
Sanitizer and masks: you should always carry a sanitizer and mask. Not due to this pandemic but also for hygiene purposes. While on a trip it is important to maintain your hygiene because all these excitements can make us blindsided and then make us regret it later.

Road trip begins

Once you have equipped yourself with important documents it’s time to begin our journey. It is going to be a long journey for approx. 12 hours but the scenic beauty will capture your attention and you will not feel exhausted. When you will start your journey from Manali till the end of the trip in Leh you will be lost in the valleys andmountains. The river flowing by your one side to clouds floating on another is a view
you would never forget in your life. The view is so engaging that time flies like an arrow and you will be really relaxed. Keep getting out of your vehicle to witness the fresh air and the beauty so that you don’t get motion sickness and can feel fresh as ever. Once you reach Leh you will be held captive by its utterly beautiful scenes and places. It is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery, amazing food and wonderful people.

You will have an amazing outtake of the place once you connect with the localities. Leh has always been a center of attraction for tourists and that’s why it has so many comfortable hotels. The Grand Dragon Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels where you can have a comfortable stay with a royal touch. They provide free wifi, private parking lots and many more. Leh Stumpa, Sangto Villa Resort, etc, are some of the budget friendly hotels providing almost the same facilities as the luxurious ones.

Foods that are must try:
Let’s talk about food that you should try at every cost. It’s kind of hard-to-find food according to your taste but the classic delicacies of Leh will not disappoint you.

Thukpa: how can one not about this dish? It is one of the most demanded and oldest foods of Leh. It tastes so good that you cannot keep your hands to yourself.
Momos: you will miss out on a big time if you don’t try momos here. Momos are served with a spicy chutney which basically is the life of this dish.
Kothes: these are another variety of momos. These are half fried and also served with hot red chutney.

All in all, Manali to Leh is one of the most exciting and adventurous trips you can ever plan and visit. Book your tickets for this holiday and share your experience with everyone.

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