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Kolkata to Puri

Puri is very well known for its Jagannath Yatra. It is the district headquarters at Puri district and situated near the Bay of Bengal. It is a very nice place to have a short trip. All the monuments and the sea are mesmerizing and will steal your heart.

Safety measures to carry around
There are often very silly but important things that we always forget. Things that we might regret later if we don't have them along with us. But we have listed some of them so you don’t have to panic about things


Safety measure kits: always carry around safety kits.Medical kits and emergency kits for bikes or cars are must. You should always carry around safety kits while on a road trip.
Dry snacks: try to carry dry snacks like packed biscuits, maggi or other ready to eat foods. You don’t know when and where you are going to find a shop so it’s better to carry around some food.
● Drinking water: carrying water may sound silly but it is one of the most vital essentials. You can need water for various reasons, you wouldn't want to miss out on this one.

Road trip begins

You will have to start your journey early in the morning because this trip can take almost 10-12 hours. Start your beautiful morning with your essential items in your bag and excitement in your heart. It’s better to carry your own food because you are not going to find many restaurants on your journey. You will find roadside stalls where you can have some beverages to freshen up your mood. Kolkata to Puri is going to be so much fun because it is all about the view, the people and the food. This is going to be a long journey so hold tight and don’t forget to add some music to the trip. Because music can be a great escape from all the chos.

Puri has been developed into a tourist place. Its beaches and beautifully carved monuments will seize your day and will leave you with no other option but to fall in love. Over the time Puri has been transformed into a tourist place and has all sorts of hotels you can stay at. Hotels like Hotel Holiday Resort, Chanakya Bnr Hotel are very comfortable and provide you with spacious rooms. They also have facilities like free wifi, private parking lot and a restaurant. They are luxurious and will give you proper Puri vibes. Hotel Niladri, Pramod Convention are other hotels which are budget friendly and provide great comfort. They are also equipped with facilities like free wifi, private parking lot, etc. All these places are great to stay and to have a peaceful weekend.

Foods to grab while in Puri:

Puri is not only famous for people or views; it is also very well known for its food.

Khicede: this dish is different from the very well-known dish ‘khichdi’. It is cooked with rice and lentils fried in pure ghee. Very famous among locals and high on demand.
● Chenna Poda: this is one of the craved foods of Puri. It takes a long time to be cooked and holds a very caramelized flavour. It is also served as a bhog in temples and holds great value.
Malpua: another great sweet dish dipped in pure love of sugar. It is made with a mixture of bananas, coconut, milk and fennel seeds. It tastes so good that you can’t get enough of it. You will not regret staying and spending your time here.


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