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Munnar to Kerala

When was the last time you went on a trip? When was the last time you had the feeling of paradise? Well, even if you haven’t had that beautiful trip ever you still have the chance. We have covered Munnar to Kerala and we assure you it is going to be one of the best trips you ever had. But first of all, let’s summarize all the important and basic things that we need.

Safety measures to carry:
Even if we think we have taken everything we are still forgetting something. Some of the important things that we should always carry are:

● Masks and sanitizers: we should always carry masks and sanitizers around with us. It helps us maintain hygiene even in difficult times. And especially with a pandemic like this, it has become more vital.
● Portable music player: it’s always better and more convenient to carry your own music player. It’s very hard that two people can have the same taste in music. And so, carrying your own music player makes you calmer.
● Dry snacks: try to carry dry snacks like packed biscuits, maggi or other ready to eat foods. You don’t know when and where you are going to find a shop so it’s better to carry around some food.

Road trip begins:

Ever wondered how it will feel to stand on an edge and can capture the whole beauty in one go. Well, hold tight because this is going to be one hell of a ride. Munnar to Kerala is a 130 km ride which will almost take your four to five hours. You can start your beautiful morning with a cup of tea and with a mesmerizing view of the outside. You will be taken aback by its beauty once you start your journey. You will witness how the hills and greenery give this trip an aesthetic texture. Munnar is also known as ‘God’s
place’ which is true because the way it moulds you in its way is very astonishing. Once you reach Kerala you will feel relaxed and be more energetic than ever because this trip doesn’t let you feel exhausted.

From the time being Kerala has become one of the tourist places so you will not have any difficulty finding hotels here. ‘Aura hotel’, ‘Novotel Kochi’, ‘Grand Hyatt Kochi’are some of the finest hotels in Kerala. These are amazing super comfortable hotels providing free wifi, private parking lots, restaurants and other facilities. They are all known for their interiors and customer services.

Wellbeing on a road trip requires a lot of energy and to maintain that stamina it is important to have proper food. Let's see what are the options.

Foods that ‘must try’ on a road trip
Food plays a very vital role in your entertainment. If you have had a nice breakfast then you will have a nice journey ahead. Some of the delicacies that should not be missed onany chance:

● Puttu Kadala: this is a treat for everyone who loves to enjoy local delicacies. This is basically made up of rice coated with coconut bites and then steamed. Generally served with black chickpeas tossed in coconut gravy.
● Thattu Dosa: this is just like normal dosa but thick. Served with chutney which is enough to make this one of your favourite dishes. It somehow owns a place in everyone's heart.
● Nadaan Biryani: the fact that it makes it different from other Biryanis that it is wood-fired preparation, which gives it a very different yet wonderful taste.This trip will prove itself and will give you one of your best experiences. Do visit here and let us know about your trip.

Thank you!


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