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Delhi to Shimla

Ever wondered how will it feel to just sit at night under millions of stars? How will be your experience when you will feel light breezes taking away all your worries? And how will it feel when you will be on the edge of a mountain inhaling all the positivity and exhaling negativity?

Yes, all of this is possible, you only need to take a break and plan a road trip. And of course, what can be better than a trip from Delhi to Shimla!!

Safety measures to carry around
Before moving further let’s talk about the things that we often forget but are very useful.
● Extra clothes: don’t forget to carry an extra pair of clothes. You never know when you are going to need them especially when you are planning a trip to a hill station.
Portable charger: you seriously don’t want your phone to run out of charge. It is always recommended to carry around a portable charger.
● Dry snacks: don’t compromise with your food. Carry some homemade snacks or packed foods like biscuits etc, it is always better to pack your food because in a long journey like this you are going to need food and you cannot be really sure on
when you are going to find a place where you can eat.

Road trip begins

The mesmerizing view of this journey will keep you awake the whole night. Your trip will take almost eight and a half hours to reach, so hold tight. You can start your journey at night so you can reach Shimla tomorrow morning. Grab your dinner at Amrik Sukhdev, it is a very famous place and a must go. Its interior is very well designed and gives you a proper Dhabafeel. Their food is also very nice and maintains hygiene as well. It is really amazing how you will not feel to sleep at all on your journey. You will feel the chilliness and aroma way before you reach Shimla. Clouds and mountains will give you a great joy and make this trip more amazing. You will start spotting ‘the view’ once you reach the Punjab region.

Shimla is a treat to your eyes. The mountains, valleys and the clouds will make you fall in love with this place. And snow works as a cherry on the top. To explore this place, you need to have two-three days in your hand because it is impossible to explore this reminiscing beauty in a day. Shimla provides you with the best hotels and resorts which gives you a proper view of the city even when you are resting. The Oberoi Cecil is one of the luxurious hotels you are looking for. They provide comfortable and spacious rooms with free wifi, private parking lot and restaurant. Other hotels like Snow Valley Resort, Clarkes Hotel, Meena Bagh Shimla, etc. are other choices you can go for. They all are budget friendly and provide great comfort. They are equipped with facilities like free wifi, personal parking lots and a restaurant.This trip will work as a magic so don’t overthink and book your tickets now.

Foods to grab in Shimla:
Shimla is amazing not only for its view or people but also because of its food. They serve you best food and they all are a must try. Some of the epic foods are:

● Madra: it is very famous among locals and is highly recommended. It is very nutritious and even good for your digestion. This is served almost on every occasion of Shimla.
Sidu: this food is basically made up of wheat mixed with yeast turning it into bread like texture. Stuffed with mashed potatoes, paneer and served with green chutney or ketchup.
Thukpa: how can one not about this dish? It is one of the most demanded and oldest foods of Shimla. It tastes so good that you cannot keep your hands to yourself.

This trip will help you make a lot of memories and experience a lot of nature magic. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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