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Shillong to Meghalaya

Ever wondered how it feels to connect with nature? When you, welcome nature with your open arms, it never disappoints you. To know the real experience, visit Shillong to Meghalaya. Road trip from Shillong to Meghalaya will be very refreshing and will connect you directly with nature. Time flies like an arrow when you are enjoying every bit of it, and that’s how you will feel once you start your journey.

Important things to carry while on a trip:

We will keep forgetting our stuff if we don’t have anyone to remind us. And honestly, we will still forget something, even if we have been reminded constantly. But it’s important to not forget some of the important things on a trip, which may cause trouble later. Some of them are:
Portable charger: always carry around your charger. You seriously don’t want to miss this. Your phone’s running out of charge can be a nightmare.
Extra set of clothes: it’s better to carry an extra set of clothes especially when you are travelling towards a hill station. Carrying an extra set of clothes can be really helpful because there are high chances of raining.
Comfortable pillows: it is really great if your trip is long and exhausting. It provides a bit of relaxation and calms you a lot. These things will not let you lose your cool in difficult times. It will also help you in a difficult time.


Road trip begins:

If you are planning your trip to Meghalaya you need to take a few days in your hand because one or two days is not enough to capture its beauty. Apparently, it is known as ‘abode of clouds’ for a reason. And you will know its answer only when you will visit this place. It will welcome you with a beautiful morning and when the sun sets the cityreally comes to life, with all the busiest streets it still stays calm amidst the chaos.

Shillong to Meghalaya is almost a two hours trip and oh my god, you will be stunned by its beauty. You will be mesmerized when you will see the rain pouring on the mountains and wrapped by clouds. You will know nature's love when on one side it will be blue
and crystal-clear water and on the other side when it will all be greenery. It will be like watching a painting and you can’t take your eyes off of it. Some of the hotels from where you can capture its beauty while resting are ‘The Heritage Club’ which provides
you free wifi, private parking lots and also an onsite bar. They are known for their comfortable and spacious rooms. ‘Hotel woodland hill’ is also one of the fine hotels that Meghalaya has. It is budget friendly but also provides free wifi, private parking lots,
room service and a restaurant. Other hotels like Sulawado Resort or Hotel Heigavns are also fine to make your trip memorable.

Though a lot will change from time-to-time somethings can never change and those are the vibe and food.


Foods to grab:
Meghalaya has a different cuisine than other seven sisters of the north-east. But it will make you fall in love with its taste and presentation. We are here listing some of them because we don’t want you to miss out on some of the ‘must try’ foods.

● Jadoh: it is very popular among the Khasi community of Meghalaya. It is basically rice cooked with onions, ginger, black pepper etc. It is known for its rich color which is because of the turmeric. It is tossed with fried pork and is one of the most desirable foods of Meghalaya. If you are a pork lover this one's for you.
● Pumaloi: rice is very common in Meghalaya it is used almost in every cuisine. Pumaloi is one of the important delicacies which is basically made of rice powder which is then steamed. It is a part of their culture and it is beautiful.
● Minil songa: it is made up of sticky rice. To make it sticky a lot of starch is used, which gives it a rice nutty flavor. It is often taken as a snack and it also helps in constipation and improves digestion.

That’s all for this blog, but that’s not all for Shillong to Meghalaya. There are many more things to mention and write about but it is impossible to write about this place in a sheet. Go explore and make your memories, it’s worth everything.

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