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Jaipur from Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India is also a heart stealer. You will fall in love with Delhi and you will definitely want to spend some more time there. But India is full of beauty and wonders one can only imagine. One of the wonderful cities is Jaipur which is only a few
miles from Delhi. Delhi to Agra and Delhi to Jaipur is a golden triangle of India, if you are on your trip do visit these places.


Safety measures to carry:
Some important things that people tend to forget in the excitement of their trip. You should always carry these things with you because only you are at your rescue.

● First aid kid: first thing first, it is always better to be on a safe side.Precaution is better than cure. Always carry a medication kit while on a trip because you never know what can make you ill. It may be the food or the weather or even the journey itself. Carry a thermometer and some important medicines that may be prescribed to you.
Portable charger: you cannot trust your phone’s battery backup while on a trip. And your phone running out of charge can be a nightmare. Also, if you are carrying cable charges try replacing it with power banks because you don’t know when you are going to find a switchboard.
Portable music player: of course, you have your phone or your vehicle contains a music player, it is still important to carry a portable music player around. Also, you can’t expect other people to have the same music taste as you.
● Sanitizer and masks: you should always carry a sanitizer and mask. Not due to this pandemic but also for hygiene purposes. While on a trip it is important to maintain your hygiene because all these excitements can make us blindsided and then make us regret it later.

Road trip begins:

The fastest route you can take is through NH. It’s all a bypass tour so you will have plenty of time to read or to listen to music. It is a total five or five and a half hours long journey. You can even enjoy the view of the outside and the fresh air. It will be all roads
and other people going to their destination. You will find a total of three toll gates, where overall you may have to pay four hundred to five hundred. You can take a halt at Mc Donald’s to grab some snacks for your trip which will fall in your way. You get a lot of time here to spend with yourself or with your trip partner.

Once you reach Jaipur ‘the pink city’ you will already start experiencing the ‘Rajasthani vibe’. You can find a lot and a lot of hotels, also you can book it online or book personally. It depends upon your preference. Some of them are Villa 243, they provide spacious rooms, free wifi and a private parking lot. It is great if you want royal Rajasthani welcome. Pearl Palace Heritage, Samode Haveli, Dera Rawatsar, Trident Jaipur are some of the fine hotels that we have here in Jaipur. These have decent rooms, elegant interiors, mind blowing staff service and budget-friendly.

Foods to eat:
Jaipur is very well known for its cuisines. With classic Rajasthani taste, you will also experience some different vibes. And if you have a sweet tooth just like me you would definitely love Jaipur’s specialty. Foods that you should try are:

Dal Bati Churma: one of the famous Rajasthani dishes. You can’t keep your hands to yourself when this is being served in front of you. This is classic Rajasthani delicacies.
● Ghevar: it is one of the sweet dishes of Jaipur. What’s a meal without a dessert, right?
Pyaz ki kachori: this is a mouth-watering dish, generally eaten for breakfast.

Delhi to Jaipur will earn you an amazing experience. This trip will definitely not let you down. Great food with great history is a combination everyone craves for. You should uhave this experience written down in your journal. Go explore our ‘pink city’.

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