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Chennai To Munnar

Whether you are looking for an adventurous road trip or a refreshing holiday Chennai to Munnar is a perfect choice. The fastest and safest route you can take is Chennai-Trichy- Dindigul- Udumalai- Munnar. The total distance is 626 km and takes almost 11 hours. Over time Munnar has transformed into a tourist place and attracts others towards it.

Safety measures to carry:

Safety measures that you should always carry around while going on a trip are:
Portable charger: always carry a charger or power bank around. It will be really
difficult if your phone runs out of charge and will be impossible to find an
electric connection in the middle of a road trip.
Extra pair of clothes: try to carry at least one extra pair of clothes so you don’t
need to worry if you are soaked in rain.
Medical kit: carry prescribed medicines and other vital medicines because you
never when you are going to need those. Also, it is always better to carry a
thermometer with your medical kit.

Road trip begins:
You will have to start your trip early in the morning to reach beforehand. You can stop
by some local dhabas to grab some snacks or for refreshment. One of the places you can
stop by to grab some beverages is 99 coffeeshop. It will be in your way approx. 99kms
from Chennai. It has different wooden toys and various cosmetics. You can shop for
your trip if you want. You can also grab your breakfast from Excellent Highway
Restaurant which is near NH 45. You will be served classic South-Indian food with
different delicacies. They have taken good care of hygiene and safety. You can also visit
other restaurants of your preference like ‘Okish’, ‘Average Restaurant’, etc.

Moving on, once you have started your journey again you will start witnessing the
greenery, the clear sky and the hills. You will also come across little waterfalls which will
be an utter surprise. You will also find little tea gardens here and there when you are
closer to Munnar. Munnar has both luxury and budget limited hotels. It’s your
preference that will decide your taste. Clouds Valley provides a terrace with outdoor
seating and access to a kitchen-sharing facility. Its rooms are spacious and equipped with an attached balcony. Tall Trees is another affordable hotel equipped with free wifi and a spa. It accommodates for a perfect cottage. It is surrounded by a very attractive view and is perfect for a holiday. Other hotels like Lumino Highrange, Elakai, Tea Harvester, Forest Country, also qualify for affordable yet decent places
to spend your holiday.

Chennai to Munnar will be a very great and exciting road trip because you will always
be surprised by something unexpected. It is also a great way to spend your weekends
and to refresh yourself.

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